What Are Some Services of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources?

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources oversees hunting, fishing, and camping activities in the state's parks; regulates mining and other activities pertaining to the state's resources; and decides who receives certain state grants for nature-related projects and research. In addition, the ODNR provides information and resources on land mapping, safety, permits and general topics relating to nature in the state.

As of 2015, the ODNR consisted of 10 divisions, including engineering, forestry, parks and wildlife. The department's mission statement expresses the goal of managing natural resources to be used safely and for the benefit of all citizens.

The ODNR carries out a wide range of regulatory services for the land and waterways of Ohio. These services include regulating oil and gas activity, controlling and enforcing hunting seasons, overseeing industries that use and affect state land, and monitoring environmental activity that includes plant and animal control. The department is also responsible for routine maintenance and improvement of many state parks, reserves and forests.

The department also offers many services to the general public, such as distributing fishing and hunting permits, making grants available for research and development projects on public land, testing soil and water for private citizens, and promoting tourism in the state's parks and forests.