What Services Does the Office of Health Affairs Offer?

What Services Does the Office of Health Affairs Offer?

The Office of Health Affairs does not provide services to the general public. The OHA is the Department of Homeland Security's advisory office and serves to guide DHS leaders on medical and public health issues related to national security.

The OHA's main responsibility is to monitor for dangerous chemical and biological agents through the collection of data. The office is also responsible for planning federal responses to pandemics.

The OHA is comprised of two major divisions, the Health Threats Resilience Division and the Workforce Health and Medical Support Division. The former's role is to prepare the government for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents, and plan for response efforts if such an event were to happen. The Health Threats Division also plans for naturally occurring events.

The Workforce Health and Medical Support Division is essentially a logistics and operational support entity whose primary purpose is ensuring the coordination of first responders and providing operational medical support. This division is also responsible for the formulation of the OHA's strategies and policies.

The OHA also produces a number of documents for public consumption on how to respond to specific types of attacks or naturally occurring events. These documents are intended primarily for awareness, as the chaos of an attack or naturally occurring pandemic is problematic for the OHA and Center for Disease Control workers.