What Are Some Services Offered by the Philippine Consulate?

What Are Some Services Offered by the Philippine Consulate?

The Philippine consulate provides passport, visa and legal services. It also provides civil registry and general information services. In addition, it assists with the transportation of pets.

The Philippine consulate issues new passports and renews electronic passports. It also processes applications for lost passports. It requires applicants to appear in person to provide photographs, signatures and fingerprints. Applicants do not have to make appointments to apply for or renew their passports. They can walk in.

The Philippine consulate provides travel documents. Filipino citizens who need to travel home urgently can obtain a travel document through the Philippine consulate. They have to provide proof of urgency.

The Philippine consulate authenticates legal documents. Individuals with personal documents such as deed of donation and affidavit have to complete a cover letter, stating the service requested. They also have to submit the original and a copy of the document.

The Philippine consulate solemnizes marriages between two Filipinos and reports marriages between a Filipino and a foreign national. It also reports the birth and death of a Filipino.

The Philippine consulate offers visas to nationals of several countries with which the Philippines keeps diplomatic relations. It also offers national bureau of investigation clearance. Applicants have to complete a fingerprint card and attach a colored photograph. They need to have the secretary of state authenticate the card.

Filipinos abroad who possess an authentic Philippine driver’s license can renew their expired licenses through the Philippine consulate.