What Services Are Offered by the US General Consulate of Vancouver?


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The U.S. General Consulate of Vancouver offers passport applications, notarization services, taxpayer assistance and emergency financial assistance for American citizens in Canada. The consulate also assists citizens who receive Social Security and disability benefits from the U.S. government while abroad, verifies U.S. savings bonds so that the registered owners can redeem them, and assists Canadians who wish to obtain U.S. citizenship. It deals with births and deaths of American citizens in Canada, and it assists with absentee ballot casting.

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The General Consulate of Vancouver also assists Americans who are arrested in Canada. Americans in Canada are fully subject to Canadian laws and legal procedures but have the right to communicate with an American Consular Officer. The officer monitors a detainee's general welfare and ensures that the U.S. citizen's individual rights are not violated and that the detainee receives proper treatment.

The consulate assists in burial and exportation of human remains to the United States at the request of the next of kin. For Americans victimized by crime in Canada, the consulate assists in finding appropriate medical care, contacts family or friends on their behalf, explains how funds can be transferred, and helps them understand the criminal justice system in Canada.

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