What Are Some Services Offered by the Florida State Health Care Program?

What Are Some Services Offered by the Florida State Health Care Program?

The Florida Department of Health provides services such as family planning and pregnancy-care services to women. Women also can apply for the federal Women, Infants and Children program through the department's website.

The department's School Health Program assists local schools to give vision and hearing screenings, referrals to review suspected or confirmed health problems, first aid and emergency health services. Additional services include substance-abuse and pregnancy prevention. Men's services provided through the Florida Department of Health include screenings for high blood pressure, cholesterol level, diabetes and cancer.

The department's Office of Minority Health gives health care providers consultative services to help them work with minority residents. The services include information about cultures and languages and how to maintain community partnerships.

The Disability and Health Program works to ensure that disabled residents receive the same care as able-bodied residents. It also has a special-needs registry to inform local governments and utilities of residents who are dependent on electricity and health assistance for medical needs as well as transportation for evacuation situations.

Emergency preparedness information is available at the residential, school and government levels to ensure health needs are met during health, environmental and weather emergencies. Resources include preparing family emergency plans and formulating protocols to provide health care staff, materials and treatment locations during an emergency.