What Services Are Offered by the Arizona Department of Labor?

What Services Are Offered by the Arizona Department of Labor?

Arizona's Department of Labor resolves wage disputes, enforces youth employment laws, investigates private employment agencies and oversees the state's minimum wage laws, according to the Industrial Commission of Arizona. The DOL is a component of the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

As of March 2015, Arizona's DOL handles wage disputes that have occurred over the course of no more than one year and involve $5,000 or less, According to the ICA. After an employee files a claim, the department notifies the employer. The DOL studies the circumstances before issuing a written determination.

Arizona's DOL administers the state's Youth Employment Laws, which cover areas such as the number of work hours and suitable occupations, explains ICA. If at any time these conflict with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the DOL enforces the tougher law. The department also looks into work-related injuries of minors and reports of law violations.

To supervise private employment agencies that charge fees, the DOL investigates each agency that applies for a license, as the ICA explains. The DOL sends its conclusions to the Employment Advisory Council, which recommends granting or refusing the license. Then, the ICA makes the final decision.

The DOL supervises minimum wage requirements for full-time, part-time and temporary employees, according to the ICA. As of March 2015, theses laws do not affect the state and federal government or certain small business. They also do not cover babysitters and workers employed by parents or siblings.