What Services Does the New York Department of Buildings Offer?


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As of 2015, the New York City Department of Buildings offers a range of services, such as property inspection, trade licensing, issuance of construction permits and examining construction plans. Additionally, the NYC Department of Buildings is able to officially issue permits for Place of Assembly and Certificates of Occupancy. The department's main duties involve ensuring that all of the buildings within the city are safe and lawfully used by enforcing city and state laws.

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The NYC Department of Buildings has the authority to enforce the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law, New York State Labor Law, Zoning Resolution, Electrical Code and New York City Building Code to over a million buildings and properties. Additionally, the department's website at NYC.gov contains links that home and property owners can access to refer to safety laws and other enforcement policies within the city.

The NYC Department of Buildings was established in 1977 after the city's Housing and Development Administration was split into two separate agencies. As of 2015, the NYC Department of Buildings incorporates technology as part of their normal operations, with plumbing inspectors having access to handheld computers and a website that allows the department to communicate information directly to the public.

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