What Services Does the National Kidney Foundation Provide?


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The services the National Kidney Foundation provides include raising awareness on kidney disease among the general public, giving patients access to the medical information and consultation they need to cope with the disease and helping physicians treat patients with this information. Much of the services the organization offers are free.

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The National Kidney Foundation states that 1 in 3 Americans is at risk of developing kidney disease, as of 2015. To help lower the risk that tens of millions of Americans face, the official website of the organization offers an extensive range of information that detail which medical disorders, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, raise an individual's risk of developing the disease as well as what steps he can take to lower that risk. The organization also offers information on the disease, including what causes it and how it can be treated.

The organization helps patients by offering them access to such consultation services as learning about different treatment options for the disease and learning how to cope mentally. The consultation services are hosted by mentors, called NKF Peers, who are suffering from or have suffered from the disease. Individuals may also apply to be a mentor.

The services the National Kidney Foundation offers physicians are in the form diagnostic tools and calculators, all of which are approved by a team of researchers and healthcare professionals. The organization also gives physicians access to such things as journals, dieticians and nurses to help them treat their patients.

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