What Services Does the Illinois Department of Human Services Offer?


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Services offered by the Illinois Department of Human Services include food, child care, housing and cash support, as well as health and medical support. The department also offers rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities and treatment services for people dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

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Through the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program, the Illinois Department of Human Services helps citizens from low-income families access food for their families. These services are delivered through the Illinois Link Card that is used to buy food from grocery stores.

The Illinois Department of Human Services also offers medical assistance services that allow citizens to access quality health care in a timely manner. The department also provides treatment services for alcoholism and drug addiction. Through the rehabilitation programs, the department helps persons with disabilities find work and live independently.

The department also makes cash support services available to pregnant women, low-income families and the aged among others. The department also offers specialized services for pregnant women and children. Through the Early Intervention Program, the department offers assistance to children with disabilities.

The School Health Program provides medical information and services to students in Illinois. Family planning and a variety of reproductive health services are available at the Illinois Department of Human Services.

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