What Services Does the Helping Hands Organization Offer?


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Helping Hands Ministries, Inc., of Tallulah Falls, Georgia, provides funds to help other ministries carry out their charter and supports nonprofit start-up corporations, people in financial need and foreign missions. They also provide grants to the needy and people living in impoverished areas.

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Helping Hands Ministries encourages donors to contribute to pre-approved projects in the United States and abroad. For nonprofit start-up organizations that meet their Gift Committee’s approval, Helping Hands Ministries can pay salaries and expenses. Helping Hands Ministries helps support widows and seminary students by providing supplemental income to offset mortgage or rent payments, utilities bills and prescription costs. They help individuals with medical conditions by contributing toward their medical expenses and home health care costs, supplying handicap accessible vehicles and providing funds for the costs of home renovations required to accommodate special needs.

The Helping Hands Society of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, helps special needs children and their families by providing educational and therapeutic services, preschool and academic helper programs, speech and language therapy and parent-child counseling.

The Helping Hands Center of Columbus, Ohio, also provides educational and therapeutic services to special needs children and offers summer camp programs, an education center and a therapy center that offers music, occupational, physical and speech therapy.

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