What Services Do Food Banks Offer?


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While the services of food banks differ by organization, most offer food boxes to people in need. These boxes provide enough food for several days to a week. Other services include holiday food boxes and children's backpack programs that provide food for days when school lunches are not available.

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What Services Do Food Banks Offer?
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In order to meet the basic food needs of individuals, food banks provide meats, fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products. Some of the foods they provide are fresh, but they also provide preserved foods that are canned or frozen. Since some clients are homeless, food banks sometimes provide foods that require little or no preparation.

Because hunger remains a problem at the holidays, many food banks provide baskets to meet the clients' needs for special occasions. These baskets often include a turkey or other seasonal main course. The children's backpack program sends food home with the child every Friday during the school year. The program helps to fill the gap for families that depend on school lunches and breakfasts to feed their children.

Food banks receive the food they distribute through the Federal government, partnerships with local grocery stores and food manufacturers, and donations. They use cash donations to purchase additional food to meet the needs of their clients. Some food banks are regional organizations that work with partner agencies that distribute food.

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