What Services Does the DHHS of Nebraska Provide?

What Services Does the DHHS of Nebraska Provide?

Nebraska's Department of Health and Human Services provides a wide variety of services in public and behavioral health, children and family services, developmental disabilities, veterans' homes, and Medicaid and long-term care. All Nebraskans benefit from services through the Division of Public Health's regulation of water quality and licensure of health care professionals and facilities. More specific needs are also addressed through the various divisions.

The Department of Health and Human Services is comprised of six divisions that offer numerous services to ensure the well-being of Nebraskans. In addition to managing water quality and health care, the Division of Public Health maintains vital records, provides HIV counseling and testing, investigates disease outbreaks, manages disease registries and supports programs such as Tobacco Free Nebraska and Emergency Medical Services.

Within the Division of Behavioral Health, residents have access to inpatient, outpatient, emergency, mental health and substance abuse services. The Division of Children and Family Services administers programs relating to child welfare, adult protective services, foster care, adoption and economic assistance. It also operates two Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities provides access to community-based services and operates six Intermediate Care Facilities for individuals with special needs. Four state Veterans' Homes enable the Division of Veterans' Homes to offer assisted living options and skilled nursing care for residents.

The Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care provides health care services to eligible elderly or disabled people, pregnant women, children and parents through Medicaid, and supports more than 10 percent of Nebraskans. Aged individuals, adults with disabilities and children with special needs can also benefit from the Division's community-based services.