What Services Does the DFAS MyPay Website Offer?

The DFAS myPay site offers services for government employees; specifically military, marines, veterans, retirees and their spouses. The site allows users to obtain pay and tax statements, view personal information, and make changes to basic tax and payment forms. Available services and documents vary from account to account, so the site encourages users to speak with their payroll officers or customer service representatives to find out which items they can alter and access on myPay prior to signing up.

Active military members, retirees and midshipmen may all make federal tax exemption changes using this system. All of the above may also make changes to their federal withholding; however, the amount actually withheld varies depending on whether the individual is reserve/guard; active duty Army, Navy or Air Force; or an approved civilian.

Additionally, active military members, retirees and civilians may all make changes to direct deposit discretionary allotments, though that option is not available to annuitants, reserve/guard, former spouses or cadets/midshipmen.

All active/reserve military and civilians may access their leave and earnings or pay statements using the site. They may also access their permanent change of station, travel W-2, miscellaneous W-2 and temporary duty documents. Former spouses only have access to leave and earnings and pay statements, not W-2 information.