What Services Does the Department of Revenue Provide?


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The Department of Revenue is a state institution that oversees the administration of the tax laws and the funding of public services programs for that particular state, as noted on individual state DOR websites. The department provides further customer service for issues pertaining to tax and revenue collection.

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The Department of Revenue in Pennsylvania features information on its website that assists individuals, business owners and tax professionals in filing and paying their state taxes. A state Department of Revenue also provides information regarding taxes. For instance, in the state of Washington, the website of the Department of Revenue features a tool which residents can use to look up tax rates, see tax rate changes, and learn about topics such as business and occupation tax, retail sales tax, property tax, income tax and other taxes.

In states such as Florida, the Department of Revenue provides child support services and collects more than a billion dollars in child support per year, as of 2015, according to the Florida DOR. To do that, the department works closely with families to locate parents and assets, establish paternity, help parents comply with child support requirements, and collect and distribute child support payments. The DOR in Florida also educates and assists parents dealing with child support payments to get the financial assistance the children need.

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