What Services Does the Department of Children and Families Provide?


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The Department of Children and Families provides a variety of services such as food stamp assistance, TANF and Medicaid insurance for qualified children and families. The department also provides people with a way to report suspected child neglect and abuse in states such as Utah.

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The application process to receive benefits from the Department of Children and Families is different depending on the chosen program and the state. Many states allow applicants to use online tools to pre-determine eligibility and apply online. People may also apply for benefits by visiting local offices and completing a paper application. The length of time from application to approval or rejection depends on individual state guidelines, as well as the specific program associated with the application. In Florida, it can take seven to 30 days to receive approval or rejection for the food stamp program.

Eligibility requirements also vary from program to program and from state to state. Income guidelines and work requirements must be met in every state in order to be eligible for TANF (cash benefits). The specific guidelines are set in place by each individual state. Anyone in any state can use the services provided through the Department of Children and Families to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

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