What Are Some Services for County Jail Care Packages?

MyCarePack, Access SecurePak and Care-a-Cell are all services that send care packages to county jail inmates, according to their official websites. However, not every care package service can send packages to a specific county jail. Instead, users must select the jail before being allowed to shop.

Access SecurePak offers a wide variety of foods and snacks available in clear pouches and plastic jars, as well as Kosher and Halal certified products, explains the official website. The care packages also can include personal hygiene products, small electronics, clothing, shoes and other similar items. However, the jail officials decide what products are available to their inmates, so buyers cannot send all of the products available unless the officials already approved them for purchase.

To use MyCarePack, buyers select the county jail, find the package recipient from the inmate identification tool and create an account, states the website. Then users can shop, pay for their purchases and receive a confirmation number for their completed orders. MyCarePack also offers order tracking, so buyers know when inmates receive their packages.

Care-a-Cell offers care packages as well, but there are no substitutions allowed, notes the website. Inmates receive packages two to seven days after ordering, depending on the county's delivery schedule. While the care packages should include only approved products, the company substitutes the refused product with another item of equal value.