What Are Some Services for Conducting SSN Person Lookups?

What Are Some Services for Conducting SSN Person Lookups?

There are several places online that offer services that lookup people by their Social Security Number, or SSN, and provide background information, personal records and even contact information, such as People Finders, Intelius, People Records and USA Trace. The services run a trace on the person by using their SSN and each report back various information including criminal reports, credit reporting data, marriages, past employment and contact information.

Looking up a person's background and personal information by SSN is a common occurrence for employers, but there are many times when personal reasons require a more thorough look at an individual. The services below are just three of the many offered online.

  • People Records
  • People Records offers instant access to personal records based on the individual's name and social security number. The results include police and arrest records, marriage records, location information and credit reporting information.

  • USA Trace
  • USA Trace states that 99 percent of all people can be traced by their social security number and name through their site. The results include criminal records, judgment and liens, personal information and corporate filings.

  • Intelius
  • Intelius is an information commerce company that provides a variety of ways to look up information on an individual, including through a social security number. The results include property records, police reports, personal information and family information.