What Services Can Be Used to Find a Child Support Attorney in Texas?


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The best resource to use to find a specialized attorney in the state of Texas is the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral and Information Services department. This is a free service provided by the state of Texas to assist residents who need legal representation or legal information.

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The referral service itself is free for use, but none of the lawyers that are included in the referral service offer free services. The first consultation through the referral service is an average of 30 minutes. While most of these consultations have a fee, the initial one is assured to be no more than $20. The referral service, also called LRIS, serves more than 240 counties, but if for some reason a caller's area is not serviced by the LRIS, they will be directed to another referral service that does serve the area. The services that LRIS will refer someone to are certified referral services. When a person in need calls, there will be minimal information taken, which includes legal reason for a lawyer and the contact information for the client. This information is never shared with anyone except the lawyer for the purpose of contacting the person in need.

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