What services are available to immigrants in McAllen, Texas?


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Immigrants arriving in McAllen, Texas, have access to limited services such as cash assistance, medical treatment and social services programs, if deemed eligible for refuge status, explains the Texas Human Services Commission. Assistance with immigration legalities is available at the South Texas Immigration Clinic located in McAllen.

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Official government assistance programs are available in Texas for immigrants who cannot return to their native countries, according to the Texas Human Services Commission. Assistance is also provided to immigrant victims of human trafficking and immigrants who hold a special immigrant visa from Afghanistan or Iraq. Immigrants in McAllen who don't meet these requirements are often picked up by U.S. Border Patrol, landing in federal detention centers run by the Department of Homeland Security. Detention centers have thousands of beds, but are subject to overcrowding, which reduces access to bathrooms and medical care, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Charity groups such as Catholic Charities and Save the Children join forces in McAllen to provide emergency relief services to immigrants, providing food, water, clothing and showers, as reported by MSNBC. Immigrant families arriving with young children receive diapers and nutritious drinks for kids. Volunteers working with local charity groups help set up makeshift shelters and steer immigrants in need to charity assistance locations.

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