What Service Does 411 Provide?


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The 411 provides a directory assistance service to callers where they can ask to be connected to a particular person or company around the world. Whether or not these services are fully accurate depend on who is running the service, as it differs from the local phone company to a local long-distance company or even a more independent contractor.

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What Service Does 411 Provide?
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When dialing 411, the caller will be connected to an operator. This operator will then access a directory of numbers and choose the most appropriate number to reroute the caller. However, there are often fees that come with this method of looking up a person's phone number; most tech experts advocate that people instead choose to look at Internet sites, where it is often free to view telephone numbers.

If a caller is still interested in using the directory assistance program through the 411 number, then the caller should heed the following tips. First, have all of the information prepared before making the call. Time is money when on these directory lines; it helps when callers already know how to spell the name of the person that they are trying to reach and know approximately where the person lives.

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