How Do You Send Packages to Inmates?


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Services such as Access Securepak allow those with loved ones in prison to put together and send packages by shopping through their sites. The companies select, box and send the packages, which eliminates the risk of contraband being trafficked into prisons.

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How Do You Send Packages to Inmates?
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Most prisons will not accept large packages or items delivered through a courier service because of the potential risks of contraband or other items being transported into the prison through these means. Access Securepak and similar companies fulfill this role without the security risk.

Among the categories of items available for sale through this type of service are food and drink items; health and beauty items; clothing and other apparel; shoes; and other general types of merchandise. One of the benefits of this service is that the prisons provide pre-approval of the products sold, so there is a lessened risk of the items being confiscated from the prisoner upon their arrival.

To use this service, shoppers must have the name or the ID number of the inmate ready in order to locate them in the system. Those who plan to purchase through the site should thoroughly check all relevant information so they understand how to deal with any discrepancies in their orders. Additional details on refunds and returns are also available on the websites.

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