How Do You Send Free Books to Prison Inmates?

How Do You Send Free Books to Prison Inmates?

Several organizations in the United States, such as Book Through Bars, DC Books to Prisoners and Prison Book Program, help send free books to prison inmates. These organizations send the books to the prison upon a prisoner's request.

The Bureau of Prisons and most state prisons across the country do not allow the sending of books of families to their loved ones incarcerated inside a prison or a correctional facility. They do allow publishers and nonprofit organizations to send books to prisoners.

The Books through Bars sends books to thousands of prisoners across the country. The organization accepts book donations in good to excellent conditions. Because of the strict rules and regulations in prisons, Books Through Bars strongly prefers softbound books. Any genre is accepted, including high school text books, law books, basic reading and math books and comics.

DC Books to Prisoners is another nonprofit organization that accepts book donations and sends books to prisoners who requested for them. It limits donations to one box of books at a time due to limited storage and like Books through Bars, prefers paperback.

The Prison Book Program is one of the pioneers of sending books to prisoners. Unlike other organizations, the Prison Book Program accepts book donations through mail and provides a more organized guideline on the types of books they can and cannot use. The organization also accepts book donations through affiliated books-to-prison programs, which include Books Through Bars and DC Books to Prisoners.