What Do They Sell at Army or Military Surplus Stores?

Army or military surplus stores typically sell government-issued clothing, tools and equipment, including boots, knives, backpacks, jackets and canteens. Such stores typically purchase the unused or unwanted inventory from military branches as they refresh internal supplies.

One of the most common items available at a military surplus store is apparel, ranging from full combat uniforms and dress uniforms to survival clothing, such as thermal undergarments and jackets. Many stores also carry footwear, such as boots, as well as accessories, including hats, helmets, gloves and scarves. These surplus stores also frequently carry survival gear that includes folding shovels, tents, blankets, hunting tools and compasses. Additionally, certain stores sell training model guns that resemble actual military weapons but do not fire live ammunition.

Each year, different sections of the armed forces purchase various types of equipment and apparel for its members for use in combat zones and active duty. When that branch has an excess of such goods, or must get rid of its current supply to make room for new models, it often sells the items to surplus stores. These stores in turn sell the items to the general public, often at a price lower than purchasing the items new from the manufacturer.