How Do You Select a Lawyer for a Wrongful Termination Case?


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To select a lawyer for a wrongful termination case, search for a lawyer with employment law experience through an online legal directory, a local legal clinic such as Legal Aid Society, or through a union or professional association, says NOLO. After receiving referrals, choose a few lawyers to research further.

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Contact the lawyers to determine if they meet the needs of the case. Consider their expertise, personality and fees. Workplace legal claims cost $8,000 to $30,000 to resolve, reports NOLO. A lawyer may take a case on contingency with no fee upfront and base his fee on a percentage of the amount awarded in a settlement. Therefore, lawyers evaluate the merits of a case before taking on a client and may conduct a screening process during a phone interview.

After the initial phone conversation, schedule an in-person consultation. Some lawyers may not charge for a consultation, but a fee of $75 to $250 for a one-hour meeting is typical. Most lawyers take wrongful termination case on contingency. If a lawyer wants to be paid by the hour, it could indicate that he does not have faith in the case. While there is no set percentage for contingency fees, they usually amount to one-third to 40 percent of the settlement total, states NOLO.

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