What Is Securustech?

What Is Securustech?

Securus Technologies offers a large number of services for use by police and correctional facilities, most notably providing inmate phone service in a large number of American prisons. Securus has run into controversy over a number of issues, including exorbitant calling rates for prisoners and contracts that force prisons to remove in-person visits.

In addition to inmate phone services, Securus Technologies also provides products and services for the analysis of large amounts of data during investigations, voice and biometric identification systems, prison management systems, self-service inmate services, and monitoring solutions that utilize GPS tracking. Securus describes itself as embodying integrity and honesty.

Securus has run into trouble with the Federal Communications Commission over the rates it charges for prison phone calls. In 2015, the FCC took steps to slash the price of prison phone calls, which ran as high as 14 dollars a minute. Prisoner advocates applauded the move, saying that keeping communication accessible for inmates helps reduce recidivism.

Securus also ran afoul of prisoner advocates and lawyers after introducing a new video-call system. Securus obligates many prisons using this system to remove in-person visits entirely, which advocates say can severely hurt inmate communication and increase recidivism.

In 2015, Securus suffered a breach of security when an anonymous source leaked over 70 million recorded phone conversations. Securus believes a rogue employee is responsible.