Why Are Security Guards Needed?


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Security guards are necessary primarily because they deter criminal activity, says the Houston Chronicle. Security guards monitor businesses and property and maintain a safe environment for the public.

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Security officers are needed to prevent crime, react to incidents, and interact with the public, explains Learn.org. Vandalism, theft, assault and other crimes are prevented by the presence of a guard. Guards physically patrol premises, monitor surveillance equipment, and check entry and exit points to maintain a facility's security. Security personnel manage situations such as unruly crowds and intruder alerts, and they respond to emergencies such as fires or medical incidents. Businesses and facilities sometimes use guards to escort customers and enforce regulations, and these guards may authorize entry into a building and check for weapons and dangerous materials.

Transportation security officers protect freight and guard against terrorist threats, notes the Houston Chronicle. Transportation guards may carry weapons, and some use screening tools and service dogs to seek out explosives and hazardous materials. Modern technology has created the need for cyber security guards, who use computers and mobile devices, such as GPS units, to track other officers and gather real-time information on a particular locale. These guards use closed circuit cameras to monitor the premises and react to developing situations.

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