How Do You Search a TGK Inmate?

The simplest way to locate an inmate of the Miami-Dade County Turner Guilford Knight (TGK) Correctional Center is to click "Search Miami Jails" on the website. The link connects to an inmate search by first and last names.

Once the inmate's full name is entered, the website retrieves the vital statistics, mug shot, booking details, criminal charges and bond information. The appropriate correctional facility, along with address and phone number, is listed with the booking information.

If the person searching for the inmate is sure that he or she has been booked into the TGK correctional facility, he can also call the facility directly for more information. The telephone number and directions to the facility are located on the TGK Jail site.

TGK Correctional Center, one of five correctional facilities in Miami-Dade County, is located on the west side of the Miami International Airport. Persons arrested in Miami -Dade county are generally taken to the closest police station and transferred to TGK for booking and detention until bonded for release. Some defendants may be required to go before a judge before being granted bail and released on bond. These defendants generally have committed more serious offenses, such as domestic violence, armed robbery or murder.