How Do You Search for Someone in Volusia County Jail?

How Do You Search for Someone in Volusia County Jail?

An inmate locator for Volusia County Jail is available on the Volusia County Corrections website. The tool allows the user to search for an inmate by name, booking number or booking date.

The information on the inmate finder is updated every 15 minutes, and records are available going back to 2009. Alternatively, the Volusia County website contains contact information for both the county jail and the county correctional facility.

The Volusia County Jail is the venue for posting bond and attending First Appearance hearings. The hearings take place within one day of the inmate being admitted to jail. At the hearing, the judge decides whether to raise or lower the bond, whether to continue detention or release the inmate. It is also at the First Appearance that the judge appoints a public defender, if necessary.

Anybody can visit the jail to post bond, whether it is in cash or through a bail bondsman. It is not possible to call an inmate at the jail, or to pass on a message through staff, however inmates are allowed to make collect calls outside the facility.

Medical services and legal assistance are available to all inmates in the jail and the correctional facility.