How Do You Search for an RN Number?

In order to search for a registered identification number (RN), go to the "Query RN Information" application on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) government website, then enter the known information in the appropriate text fields and press "Find." If the number has been entered into the FTC's database by a private company, it should show up from the search.

An RN is issued to a business by the FTC. Businesses are not required to have RNs, but can use the number as a replacement to a name on product labels. Use the following steps to search for an RN.

  1. Go to the "Query RN Information" application on the FTC website
  2. The application can be found through the "Tips and Advice" tab or by using the search bar on the website's front page.

  3. Enter all known information about the company in the text fields
  4. Enter the name, location and business type of the company. For those searching for the company name with a known RN, enter the RN. Parts of names will be searched, meaning that "sports" could be searched and "Sportswear Couture Inc." would be returned.

  5. Press "Find" and search through the database
  6. After pressing the "Find" button, the RN and company information should appear if the company uses its RN and it has been entered into the database.