How Do You Search a Residential Area Using the Yellow Pages?


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People in residential areas are not listed in the Yellow Pages, but they are listed in the white pages of a telephone book. The Yellow Pages are reserved for businesses and corporations only.

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The white pages are designed to list people in a given region alphabetically by last name. Included is that person's address and phone number, unless the person has paid to have an unlisted phone number. In the white pages of a telephone book, you must know the last name of whomever you are searching for, as these are listed by last name first. From there, you can look at the first name of the resident, most commonly the adult who claims head of household for that address. Knowing an individual's address and phone number helps to narrow the search for more common last names.

Many websites have been created to streamline searching as print telephone books have lost popularity. WhitePages.com has a navigable search engine that only requires a name and a city. From there, you can search the results from to find a matching name. Next to the name is a house icon and a telephone icon. If either of these are crossed out and in a gray color, it means the information is either unlisted, withheld or not available. The website also gives people that are connected to an individual, so you may be able to find someone if you only know a neighbor or relation's last name.

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