How Do You Search Public Real Estate Records for Free?

Search real estate records for free from that maintain property records from where the property is located. The names of these offices vary by name, including County Clerk and Registrar or Deeds. Some municipalities may hold real estate documents at a county courthouse or city hall. The documents generally available at these offices include mortgage documents, deeds, plats and survey maps, liens, easements and powers of attorney.

Checking the official property and tax records at the local clerk's office or court house is a good basis for searching real estate records. Online database searches, available at places such as NETROnline and SearchSystems, are helpful because they compile contact information for keepers of public records across the U.S. and provide links to those offices available online. Other online databases include, and

Some public offices also offer a service for searching records, but depending on the municipality a fee may be imposed. People can also confer with commercial and residential Realtors, as they have access to online databases that have a direct link to public real estate records, called the MLS. Realtors need to access public real estate records to review certain property sales history. Realtors may also have a tax assessor's office or a title company's database.