How Do You Search Phone Numbers Online?

Search for phone numbers online using a reverse phone lookup service, social media, people search engines and business directories. Online caller identification tools are also useful when looking up phone numbers.

Online reverse phone lookup services are useful when looking for a phone number online. Simply enter the area code and the number to get started. For cell phone numbers, most reverse phone lookup services provide basic details free of cost. Reverse lookup does not work with unlisted landlines.

Caller identification tools, such as Truecaller, aid in searching for a number online. Truecaller also has a mobile application and an online interface that allows registered users to search for a phone number in an aggregated and crowdsourced directory. There is no charge to create a basic Truecaller account.

Searching through people search engines, white pages and business directories for information related to the phone number can also yield results. While most people search engines link to public directories to find phone numbers, some search through the deep Web for information not indexed by most search engines. Many users of social networking platforms make their phone numbers available for public viewing, either on their individual or business profiles. Searching through social forums and profiles can help find a phone number.