How Do You Search for PAN Card Details Online With Only a Name?

It is not possible to search for PAN card details online using only the name of a person. The individual's date of birth must also be known to access the PAN card information.

The details of a PAN card be obtained by accessing the website of the Income Tax Department of the Indian government On this website, click on Know Your PAN under the Services tab located on the left side of the page. On the Know Your PAN page, the two mandatory requirements for knowing the PAN card details namely, date of birth or incorporation and surname, are indicated by a red asterisk mark next to them.

Now, select the date of birth using the calendar provided next to the box. Corporate offices must provide the date of incorporation. The date of birth or incorporation must be provided in DD/MM/YYYY format. Next, type in the surname. To get accurate results, also type in the middle and first names, if available. Next, enter the captcha code that flashes on the screen and click on Submit.

The PAN card details provided through such a search include the Permanent Account Number, name of the holder of the PAN card, the status of the PAN card and the PAN jurisdiction.