How Do You Search the Miami Dade Jail Arrest Records Online?

To locate an arrest record in the Miami-Dade criminal court, visit the website for the Clerk of the Court for Miami-Dade, Florida. A jail number is required in order to submit a search.

Circuit Criminal and County Criminal court comprise the Miami-Dade criminal court system. All records are available online and available to find with the correct case or file number. Criminal and civil arrest records are the responsibility of the Clerk of the Court's office.

Misdemeanor arrests, civil infractions (boating and animal violations, municipal and ordinance crimes are part of the County Criminal jurisdiction. The county court is part of the traffic division. Other courts are family, juvenile, probate and small claims.

All felony affidavits that involve probable cause, grand jury indictments and arrest warrants are part of the Circuit Criminal courts. The court will hear two felony bond pleas daily on video between the courtroom and the pre-trial detention center located off site.

Drug felony bond hearings are performed daily. At these hearings the defendant has the opportunity to attend drug rehabilitation program rather than going to trial.

Miami-Dade Criminal Court hears felony bond hearings as well as misdemeanor jail arraignments. The Clerks off will also process bond refunds and assists in sealing and expunging criminal records.