Where Do You Search to Find a Maiden Name?


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There are a few resources that can be searched to find a woman's maiden name. One of the most reliable sources of this information is probably the woman's marriage certificate. In order to obtain the maiden name from the marriage certificate, it is necessary to know the spouse's name, the location and the approximate date of the marriage.

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It may also be possible to find a woman's maiden name by looking at newspaper archives for wedding announcements in the city or town where her marriage took place. Other newspaper archives that can be checked are birth announcements and obituaries.

Maiden name information might also be found by looking through census records. These records often contain names of various generations that lived within a household. If a family has lived in the same house for a long time, it's very easy to find the original surname of the women in the family. Church records can also be a good source for finding maiden names. Many churches keep records of christenings, which usually include a certificate displaying the names of both parents and the maiden name of the mother.

Other sources to try when looking for maiden name information include wills or probate, military, property and cemetery records.

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