How Do You Search for an Inmate Who Is Incarcerated in Kansas?


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To search for an inmate incarcerated in Kansas, visit the Kansas Department of Correction's online portal, select Offender Search, select and enter the offender search criteria, and submit your query. You can search for an inmate by name, race, age, gender or Social Security number.

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The Kansas Department of Corrections maintains an electronic repository of the adult and juvenile offender population in the state. To search for an incarcerated inmate, visit DOC.KS.gov, click on Offender Search, and fill the search box with your search criteria. You can search for an inmate by filling the box with the age range, state ID, conviction county or detention facility. Click on the name or picture of the offender in the search results to access the offender's personal and incarceration data.

The Kansas online offender repository contains information on an inmate's demographics, convictions, disciplinary reports, physical location history and current status. The portal also maintains information on people discharged, deceased or undergoing community corrections. Members of the public, victims and employers conducting background checks can access this information from the Kansas Department of Corrections' online portal. People can also request an inmate's information by contacting the Kansas Department of Corrections by phone or email.

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