How Do You Search for Information on Traffic Tickets?


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Copies of a driving record can be ordered through either the Department of Motor Vehicles or through a third-party vendor, according to the DMV.org. As of February 2015, records may be ordered through the DMV in person, through the mail, and in some areas by phone or online.

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Proof of identification is required when ordering a copy of a driving record, as instructed by DMV.org. In most states, the DMV charges a fee, although the amount varies by location. In some areas the DMV accepts requests for someone else's driving records with written consent from the person, while other locations provide basic driving record details without personal information included, such as date of birth, and Social Security number. In many locations, there is a specific form required for requesting another person's driving record. One should refer to the DMV location or website to confirm the proper procedure.

Driving records include information about traffic violations from the most recent three to five years, although it's possible to obtain up to 10 years worth of history, according to DMV.org. The details of violations include date, description and penalties. License status and suspensions are indicated, as well as driving points in states where applicable.

Because driving records are a matter of public record, it's also possible to obtain driving records from a third-party vendor for a fee, adds DMV.org.

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