How Do You Search Employment History?

A person can find employment history by contacting all former employers' human resources departments to attain start dates, end dates and position titles. Another method is to reference old tax forms, including W-2 forms, or contact the Internal Revenue Service help line and request names and years of past employers.

The Social Security Administration provides detailed employment summaries by request. There is a fee and a form that must be filled out called the SSA-7050-F4, Request For Social Security Earnings. This method takes several weeks, but when a detailed report is requested, it contain a person's complete employment history.

There is also employment information located in public records, especially for school or government employees. Each city, county, school or office's records department keeps this information on-file and is required to release it when requested. There are no fees for release, but forms may be required so the office has a record of the request.

For a fee, a background check is run on anyone when a Social Security number is provided. The result arrives quickly and contains detailed information about past employment. Another option that requires a Social Security number is a credit check. Credit checks are free for each individual once a year and arrive quickly with employment and credit information by date.