How Do You Search Criminal Records for Free?

To obtain criminal records for free, search public records portals related to the location of the search, such as Franklin County Ohio Public Access. Free offender information can also be collected by using online tools such as VineLink.

To check for public records portals, visit the official Municipal Court website of the county of residence of the person being searched. In Franklin County, Ohio, you must agree to the terms of service for use. After doing so, enter the first and last name of the person being searched. Additional information is entered to narrow search results. This information includes date of birth, middle initial, and the individual's status as a defendant. Criminal cases within the results of criminal records searches in Franklin County Ohio include the letters CR A directly after the year of the offense.

Free offender records are found using Vinelink by first visiting the website, and then clicking on the state being searched. Click the Search and Register tab and agree to the terms of use. VineLink searches by name or by offender number. Using initials or partial name spellings broadens the search results given. Registration is not required to search VineLink or many Municipal Court public access portals for free offender criminal records.