How Do You Search for Available 800 Numbers?

How Do You Search for Available 800 Numbers?

To search for available 800 numbers, contact a phone company via telephone or access its website. When using an online search tool, choose a toll-free area code and type in "***" in the last and second blanks on the search form. Alternatively, enter the desired letters and check availability.

Contact the business department of a phone company such as AT&T to ask for information about available 800 numbers. Alternatively, use the online search tool present on the website of the phone company.

When using this search tool, open the drop-down menu to choose the toll-free area code. Select "8**" to check all toll-free area codes or choose 800, the most common number. Then, type "***" on the second and last blanks on search form, indicating that any digits in the number are acceptable.

If specific digits are desired, type in those in the appropriate fields. Similarly, if words are desired in the toll-free number, type in the letters of the words in the fields. Finally, check the availability. If a desired number is found, click to place an order for it. Otherwise, revise the search and repeat the process.

If the selection of available 800 numbers is not satisfactory, approach a phone number specialty service to buy a vanity 800 number.