How Does the SDAT Define Real Property?


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The State Department of Assessment and Taxation defines real property as land. Land in the United States refers to the actual earth and everything of permanent nature above and under it, notes the Cornell University Law School.

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The State Department of Assessments and Taxation's mission is to promote fairness in taxation for real property owners, states the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. This department achieves its goals by appraising all taxable property at market value, certifying property values to local governments and offering programs for tax relief and business services.

"Real property" refers to any piece of land that falls under the ownership of an individual or organization. This may include permanent buildings or structures erected on the particular piece of land. Minerals such as gold and iron ore, which can be found underneath the earth's surface, are regarded as real property. Crops, water and other natural resources also make up real property.

The State Department of Assessment and Taxation provides information to the public through various forums including social media and blogs. Individuals can learn more regarding real property laws and regulations by going to the official website of the department and reading through the resources available. Individuals can also gain more knowledge by contacting the department with any questions.

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