Is the School Bus Driver Liable in the Event of an Accident?


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A school bus driver may be held liable if an accident occurs due to the driver's negligence, according to YourLegalGuide.Com. Negligence is determined by a standard of reasonable care, or how a reasonably prudent person would have behaved in a similar situation, says Cornell University Law School.

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Is the School Bus Driver Liable in the Event of an Accident?
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Driver negligence is generally categorized as either the result of driver error or the committing of traffic violations, states Cornell University Law School. Driver error includes acts such as talking on a cell phone, excessive radio communication and talking to a passenger. It is also driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, inattention to the road or surrounding traffic, and driver fatigue.

The level of negligence while driving is used as a primary determining factor for why the accident occurred and who is at fault for the accident. Whether the bus driver was issued a citation at the time of the accident is another important factor when determining negligence and liability, and the issuance of a citation often bolsters a victim's monetary claim, says YourLegalGuide.com.

Common traffic violations include improper lane changes, failing to properly yield to traffic and speeding. Other traffic violations include improper merging on and off a freeway or highway and driving on the wrong side of the road, reports YourLegalGuide.com.

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