How Do You Schedule a Pickup for Disabled Veterans Through a VA Hospital?

Disabled veterans who need transportation to and from scheduled veterans hospital appointments should contact the hospital and request to participate in its transportation program. Each VA medical facility establishes its own guidelines and policies pertaining to transportation of vets. In Upstate New York, disabled veterans can call local phone numbers to schedule a ride to the hospital. Transportation is free, but vets must be enrolled in the VA health care system to be eligible.

Disabled vets using the San Diego VA care system can call one of two numbers to arrange transportation. VTS offers vets in this area a VA medical needs a phone number to call for special needs. To participate, a VA clinician must deem that vets need to travel in special-equipped vehicles, and the trip must be pre-authorized.

Transportation for disabled veterans to VA hospitals is provided thanks to partnerships between veterans service organizations, VA Office of Rural and Health and Veterans Transportation Services. Mobility managers are in place at many VA medical facilities who help arrange transportation when needed.

Disabled vets can also contact veterans service organizations such as DAV, which has local chapters around the country. DAV owns a fleet of vehicles and offers free rides to the VA hospital to disabled vets or those suffering from illness. Arranging rides requires contacting volunteers through its DAV Hospital Service Coordinator Directory.