How Do You Schedule an Appointment With USCIS Using the InfoPass System?


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Using a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser such as Internet Explorer, simply choose a language and select "Make an Appointment" to set up a convenient appointment using InfoPass, according to the USCIS website. There will be a few more questions to answer before the appointment is set.

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Users can access InfoPass any time, states the USCIS website. This service will keep users from having to head into their local USCIS Immigration office to make an appointment.

To set up an appointment, simply follow the easy steps.

  1. Find a computer
  2. Find a computer with an Internet connection and visit the USCIS website.

  3. Choose a language
  4. Choose one of 12 languages to use.

  5. Select "Make an Appointment" and enter the required info
  6. Enter the information as required on the screen. Things like ZIP code, type of appointment, name and date of birth are all required to proceed.

  7. Choose the time and date and print
  8. Choose a time and date from the list that is provided. Then, print the InfoPass appointment confirmation that appears on the screen. The USCIS will need a copy at appointment time.

Users who cannot find an appointment to meet their needs should check back with InfoPass often as new appointments are added daily. Be sure to take the printout, government-issued identification and immigration forms to the appointment.

Users may also use InfoPass to cancel or reschedule appointments without the fear of penalty.

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