What Are Some Sample Policies and Procedures?


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Sample policies and procedures are those that establish certain rules regarding employee attendance, privacy, terms and conditions of employment and rules, notes the Houston Chronicle notes. Exact policies and procedures implemented by a company are dependent upon the needs of the business. Some businesses opt to initiate policies and procedures regarding substance abuse, attendance and time off, and equal opportunity for employment.

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Policies consist of statements of intent that a business plans to avoid or wants to do, according to MindfulSecurity.com. The specific policy areas are implemented by departments such as IT, security, finance or HR. A corporate policy may cover all of those departments to supplement or replace certain policies. Policies generally focus on the intentions of the business, not the job duties and functions the employees carry out.

Procedures are more detailed descriptions of the duties and tasks that encompass the company's business, explains MindfulSecurity.com. These may be in the form of flow charts or step-by-step instructions. They are generally more detailed and allow new employees to follow, and standardized to help prevent errors and waste. Procedures can be written to focus on what the outcome of a task should be without specifying how to achieve that outcome if employees are expected to implement their own way of achieving the outcome.

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