What Are Some Sample Legal Affidavit Forms?

A sample affidavit legal form should have a title, then a paragraph about the individual making the statements outlined in the affidavit, followed by an assertive sentence in the first person, The Law Dictionary says. The body of the affidavit has paragraphs that outline the presented facts. The affidavit ends with signature blocks.

The title on the affidavit form should include the name and address of the person making the statements, called the affiant, The Law Dictionary says. If an affidavit is to be used in court, the court case must be referenced under the title. The first paragraph provides details about the affiant, such as his occupation and relationship to the other parties in the matter. The first sentence affirms all information presented is true.

The majority of the affidavit has a series of numbered paragraphs that describe each statement of fact, explains The Law Dictionary. Each paragraph contains relevant details, such as names, dates and addresses.The affidavit may also refer to supporting documentation as exhibits. The affidavit concludes by stating the information outlined is true to the best of the affiant's knowledge. The affiant signs the document, and the signature of a notary public must be attached after the affiant's signature.