What Are Some Sample Criminal Motions?


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Sample criminal motions include motion to dismiss indictment due to gross prosecutorial misconduct, motion to withdraw guilty plea, and motion to modify federal sentence, according to The Jensen Defense. Other sample motions include motion to suppress evidence, motion to identify confidential informer, and motion to suppress evidence of illegal wiretapping.

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A motion is a written request made to the court seeking an order, ruling or some form of guidance, explains FindLaw. Although there are many types of motions, which depend on the case, criminal motions are often used following a preliminary hearing, but before the case is tried. The prosecutor and defense attorney make arguments that ask the court to something specific, such as to suppress evidence due to its being illegally obtained, to compel witnesses to testify or to request dismissal of the case. Motions generally serve as a set of ground rules and framework for how the trial can be conducted.

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