What Is a Sample Civil Complaint Form?


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Some sample civil complaint forms include those related to an automobile accident and medical negligence, as seen on the web site of Miller & Zois, LLC. Both forms state the name of the party making the complaint, known as the plaintiff, the party against which the complaint is made, the defendant, and pertinent facts related to the action or actions addressed in the complaint and the relevant laws.

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Each of these sample complaints contains three sections: a preamble, a statement of facts and section of the count or counts against the defendant addressed in the complaint. The preamble names the parties involved in the complaint and the action from which the suit arises. The statement of facts provides the details involved in the action and the consequences on the plaintiff stemming from the action. The counts against the defendant are in the final section, which argues how illegal acts or omissions by the defendant led to damage suffered by the plaintiff.

The sample complaint of medical negligence contains similar information. The sections contain the statement of the complaint, the facts pertaining to the complaint, including the parties involved and damage suffered by the plaintiff party, and a listing of the counts against the defendant.

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