What Is a Sample Case Analysis?

A case analysis is research that provides documentation of the impacts of a situation over time. A sample version is either an imaginary study constructed for the purpose of learning how to write a case analysis, or it is an existing example of such a study used for educational purposes.

Case analyses are qualitative research, which means that the researchers are looking at a situation with some depth and are trying to figure out what's happening and why. Researchers collect the information used in a direct fashion through some combination of interviews, observation and examining records.

Students learning how to write case analyses do not necessarily perform research for the study; their information is often fabricated. A sample case analysis states a problem, usually a simpler problem than might be encountered in a real case study. It explores the root of the problem if that is known. The sample study proposes possible solutions to the problem and explains how they are implemented. The study concludes with a summary of which solutions were tried and the results of those trials, whether positive or negative.