What Is the Salary of a Member of the Army Special Forces?

salary-member-army-special-forces Credit: asiseeit/Vetta/Getty Images

A member of the Army Special Forces receives the same basic pay as other active duty soldiers. Based on 2014 pay tables, for less than two years of service, basic pay is $18,378 annually for a private (E1), $26,172 for a Sergeant (E5) and $34,862 for a Second Lieutenant (O1).

Basic pay goes up in increments according to rank and years of service. In addition, Army personnel receive extra pay for extraordinary skills or circumstances, such as special duty pay, hardship duty pay, foreign language proficiency pay and flight pay. After completing Special Forces training, qualified soldiers may receive a bonus, which, in 2014, amounts to $40,000. Special Forces soldiers are also eligible for housing, food and uniform allowances and complete medical and dental coverage.